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Okay okay. So I’m addicted to Swagbucks. I’ve made over $40 in Amazon gift cards and I’ve received $25 credited to my paypal account. Just for spending some time on the internet. It is not a scam and since I have been using it the payouts have been awesome. I’ll admit when I first started using Swagbucks I was addicted and spending ALOT of time on there. The high pay out offers are usually trials and surveys, seek out the free ones! A lot of times it is something you may be interested in. As of lately I started a new job so my time on Swagbucks has been limited but I still check in daily. You get EASYYY points for daily polls,watching videos and using there search engine. The picture below is all my gift card activity and up top you can see my points. I am saving up for a bigger gift card this time! Do yourself a favor,sign up, get points when you’re just killing time on the internet and reap the benefits.¬†You’re literally sitting on the internet and could be doing this now for 5 minutes. Sign up below,message me and I will send you tips to maximize your earning potential. When you sign up us code FreeGiftCards and receive 50 SWAGBUCKS to start you off.

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